shit for making websites.

  1. Boom

    Boom is a tiny program that sends some load to a web application. It’s similar to Apache Bench (ab), but with better availability across different platforms and a less troubling installation experience.

    May 21, 2015
  2. Fundbox (sponsored)

    Fundbox offers business owners a simple way to fix their cash flow by advancing payments for their outstanding invoices.

    May 1, 2015
  3. Betty

    Open source Google Voice with Receptionist abilities, built on top of Twilio

    April 28, 2015
  4. Let’s Encrypt

    Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority: It’s free, automated, and open. Arriving Summer 2015

    November 18, 2014
  5. hamms

    Hamms is designed to elicit failures in your HTTP Client. Connection failures, malformed response data, slow servers, fat headers, and more!

    November 17, 2014
  6. LokiJS

    A fast, in-memory document-oriented datastore for node.js and browser

    November 10, 2014

    JSON Patch is a format for describing changes to a JSON document. It can be used to avoid sending a whole document when only a part has changed.

    October 31, 2014
  8. HackHands

    On demand mentorship – Live programming help available 24/7

    October 7, 2014
  9. t4t5/sweetalert

    A beautiful replacement for JavaScript’s “alert”

    October 7, 2014
  10. Live editing proof of concept in Firefox and Sublime

    Should be released soon.!

    October 1, 2014
  11. Eskimo

    Eskimo helps you to rapidly build Node.js powered API’s, online stores, and apps

    September 29, 2014
  12. TinyCert

    Generate and manage SSL certificates quickly and easily without looking up complex OpenSSL commands.

    September 14, 2014
  13. hello.js

    A client-side Javascript SDK for authenticating with OAuth2 web services and querying their REST API’s. HelloJS standardizes paths and responses to common API’s like Google Data Services, Facebook Graph and Windows Live Conn

    September 12, 2014
  14. Dimensions Browser Extension

    Soooo. fucking. cool.

    Quickly measure the pixel distance between web elements using an elegant Chrome extension.

    September 12, 2014
  15. Auth0 – Identity infrastructure, built for developers

    A cloud service, APIs and tools that eliminate the friction of identity for your applications and APIs.

    September 8, 2014
  16. JSON Web Tokens –

    JSON Web Token (JWT) is a compact URL-safe means of representing claims to be transferred between two parties.

    September 8, 2014